Thursday, June 24, 2010


Hello! Turns out 6 months can fly by surprisingly fast! A glimpse at a few of the delicious experiences of 2010...

The 'Manhattan Blend' coffee from Dean & Deluca...

Assorted macaroons from Pierre Herme (the green tea
and olive oil was my favourite)

Homemade sushi - a fantastic way to spend an afternoon! I realize they don't look beautiful, but they were scrumptious.

It's been a good year for books as well - I definitely need to sit and finally make a booklist though. So far the year has encompassed some Terry Goodkind (I'm not sold on him yet), some George R.R. Martin, The Pillars of the Earth, The Cello Suites (fantastic book!), Sylvia Plath, Richard Yates, t.s. eliot, some James Clavell, The Road, The Reader, and a few biographies.

I wanted to talk about James Clavell - I think his books are fantastic, even though sometimes it feels like an exercise in endurance getting through them. His best by far is Shogun, the first novel in the Asian Saga series. If you're a fan of historical fiction, definitely give this a read. It has adventure, romance, politics, espionage, and culture. The Japanese Samurai culture in the 1600s is beautifully illustrated, and experienced through the eyes of an English sailor. Clavell is fantastic at weaving multiple storylines at once, and explaining historical events at the level of the common man. It's hard to summarize a 1000+ page book, but the beauty of the entire novel is the ending - every detail and motive in the book is wrapped up on a single page.

I realize it may be gauche to pair homemade sushi with the novel Shogun, but try it! Our sushi / maki fillings included salmon / cream cheese / chilli mayo, salmon / avocado / lemon, and roasted yam / avocado / mango. Enjoy.